10 Ways to Earn from Amazon affiliate without Website or Blog


There are various methods through which you can easily earn money from Amazon Affiliate without website or blog like guest post, youtube, eBooks etc.

Today along with technology, the methods of making money have also changed. Now everyone can earn money just by sitting at home through internet. Nowadays most of the people do not prefer to go outside the home for shopping but instead do online shopping at home because everything is being sold online whether it is cloth, mobile phone, grocery or electronic appliance, everything reaches easily at your doorstep from online platforms. That is why people are showing interest in doing business online, and for this people are creating blogs and websites. Apart from this, another tremendous way to earn money online is Amazon Affiliate. But can there really be Amazon affiliate without website? - Yes  

Through this article, we will tell you how to do Amazon Affiliate without website.

Which will help you a lot in success in your affiliate marketing career. You can earn money online without creating a website through any of these affiliate programs.

Before knowing the ways of Amazon Affiliate without website or blog, let us talk a little about


What is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon affiliate is a campaign in which commissions are earned by selling Amazon  products. Amazon affiliate is the most popular affiliate program in the world where you can earn money online by sharing affiliate links of products after signup. When anyone buys the product from your link, then you will get commission on it.

A question must be coming in your mind that if you do not even have a website, how can you earn money from Amazon Affiliate without website or blog?

So Here is the answer!

Ways to earn from Amazon Affiliate without website

Even if you do not have a website, you can still earn money from an Amazon affiliate.

You can sell the products from amazon affiliate without website and generate good commission by following ways:

1. Youtube

Youtube has become a platform in which you can get information about everything. When a person wants to buy something from the Internet then he definitely search about it in YouTube.  We can do Amazon Affiliate Marketing through YouTube.

Now you must be thinking how to earn money from YouTube with Amazon Affiliate. It is very simple. Amazon has a lot of products, you just have to choose one of them that has a high commission.  Then you have to write content about it like its reviews, uses, benefits etc. After that you will have to make a video through which you can convince people to buy that product. After that you will have to insert a link of that product in the video description. After that Whenever someone searches about that product on YouTube, then they will definitely see your video and link of the product. If your way of explaining is good, then he will definitely purchase the product from the link given in the description of your video.

If you want to earn from Amazon affiliate without website, then YouTube will be a good option for you.

Key points to remember;

• Create a Youtube account

• Get Amazon affiliate link from amazon Associates

• Choose Product

• Tell them about product through video content(such as: specification, features and uses)

• Put Affiliate link in video description


2. Guest post

If you want to earn money from Amazon Affiliate without website, then guest post will be a good idea for you. What is guest post? - When we publish our post on someone's website, then that post is known as guest post. On the Internet, you will find such sites in which you can write articles and put your affiliate link on them. Like Medium - Medium is the best platform for guest posts.  You can post anything here but it should be according to the policy. If you are a beginner in the field of Affiliate Marketing and you do not have any website, then you can earn money from amazon affiliate by using medium or its alternative. But it also has some conditions - Whenever you enter an affiliate link, you must enter a disclaimer in it and write an affiliate disclosure in the disclaimer.

Key points to remember:

• Choose Platform for guest post

• Write an Article

• Add affiliate link along with "Affiliate Disclosure" in Disclaimer.

• Then Simply post it !

3. Online forums

This may seem like an unusual option to you, but with the help of an online forum, you can promote your affiliate link.

From the forum, you must have understood that in a place where you can ask the answer to any question. Many such forums will be found in the internet such as quora, OApop Reddit etc. With the help of these forums you can earn money from Amazon affiliate without website. How?

Suppose, If a person purchases something from the Internet, then he has a lot of questions in his mind.  Often he goes to forums like quora and asks his queries. If you solve all his queries, then he will definitely purchase that product from your affiliate link.

Key points to remember:

• Create an account in Quora

• Search queries related affiliate marketing

• Try to answer them and give them amazon affiliate link.

4. Ebooks

Nowadays people read more ebooks than blogs. Even if you do not have a website, still with this option you can earn money from Amazon affiliate. The ebook option may seem a little irrational, but you can promote your affiliate link with the help of ebooks.

Writing a topic in ebooks can be difficult and time consuming but after choosing the topic you can easily write about it. You can make your content very clear that it engages well with your readers. Whenever you write an ebook, always write it after looking at the queries of the users and whatever content you wrote, pay attention to every minor thing.  And along with this, put your affiliate links in it so that the reader must purchase the link after reading your ebook.

Key points to remember:

• Create an Ebook

• Write a Attractive and high quality content about product.

• Put affiliate links on it.

• Publish it on various Ebooks platforms.


5. E-mail Campaigns

Email campaign is the best way in this list, through which you can generate good commission by selling products with amazon affiliate without website. Just like we write blogs, in the same way we can promote our affiliate link by reaching the users directly by writing email. Before writing email, keep in mind that the content you are writing is in simple and clear language. 

Key points to remember:

• Create a content

• Add affiliate link on it

• Send Via Email

6. Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform with the help of which you can amazon affiliate without website. Now one thing must be  coming in your mind that how? - As you might know, nowadays, everyone uses Facebook.  Through Facebook, we can deliver the message to whole world  while sitting at home.  To affiliate marketing with Facebook, you need to join a group with Marketing.  Then you have to post some content with affiliate link. If you have written the post in an attractive way, then some user will definitely open it and if the product is good, then that user will definitely buy that product.

Key points to remember:

• Create facebook account

• join Marketing groups

• post daily content with Affiliate link


7. Instagram

After Facebook, you can also do Amazon affiliate marketing through Instagram. On Instagram, you can create a page and put the affiliate link of the product in your bio, in addition to this you can do affiliate marketing by writing posts and also through direct messages. And the most important thing is that whenever you post a product, you should use the hashtag in it because it will make your post reach more people.

Key point to remember

• create instagram page

• Add affiliate link in bio

• Create attractive post and use Hashtags

• Send affiliation link through DM

8. Your offline efforts

It must sounds like a strange ideas but there are various methods through which you can convert your offline efforts into monetary earning with the help of Amazon Affiliate without website or blog. For example: you can publish advertisement on newspaper with unique coupon codes that are linked with your affiliate account and which can be used by interested costomers for buying the product.

9. SMS or MMS

If you do not have a website, and you want to earn money from Amazon Affiliate, then you can promote your Affiliate link via SMS.

According to marketo, sms and mms is one of the best sources for maketing. It is very easy to affiliate Amazon with sms, for that you just have to share links of different products everyday with your friends and relatives. In this way, intrested person will buy product from your affiliate link and you can get money through amazon affiliate without any website.


10. Ads campaign

Many such Ads networks will be found on the Internet, with the help of which you can promote your affiliate link of Amazon affiliate without website. In this, you have to pay some amount of money in order to show the advertisement, which will be a little expensive for you. It is a sort of platform in which you invest some money and then wait for the returns via no. of intrested person buying product from your affiliate link.


Everybody wants to earn money just by sitting at home. At present time there are various methods available through which you can easily earn money while sitting at home. And above we have discussed about one of these methods i.e., earn money from Amazon Affiliate without any website or blog. In this article we learnt about what is Amazon Affiliate and different ways to earn from Amazon Affiliate without website. There are various methods through which you can easily earn money from Amazon Affiliate without website such as Facebook, Instagram, eBooks, and YouTube, etc. I hope this post will be helpful to you.


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