‘People judge me all the time’: Corrie’s Michelle Keegan on swapping soaps for hard-hitting dramas

‘People judge me all the time’: Corrie’s Michelle Keegan on swapping soaps for hard-hitting dramas
‘People judge me all the time’: Corrie’s Michelle Keegan on swapping soaps for hard-hitting dramas

Michelle Keegan, known for her role in Coronation Street, reflects on her soap opera days and the challenge of being recognized for her acting skills. Now, she's excited about her lead role in the new Harlan Coben drama, "Fool Me Once," a Netflix series reshaping the streaming landscape.

From Soap Star to Serious Actor

After six years in Coronation Street, dealing with intense storylines and winning "Sexiest Female" awards, Keegan transitioned to more serious roles. Her latest endeavor, "Fool Me Once," focuses on her character, Maya Stern, a military pilot with PTSD, navigating a murder mystery that challenges perceptions.

Corrie's Impact and Industry Snobbery

Keegan reminisces about her Coronation Street audition, expressing love for the soap's unique experience. However, she acknowledges industry snobbery toward soaps, noting they often lack recognition despite being valuable learning grounds. Leaving Corrie, she faced skepticism but embraced the challenge.

Challenges and Triumphs

Post-Coronation Street, Keegan ventured into the BBC drama "Our Girl," facing criticism about her appearance. She learned to navigate judgment and pressure, realizing that, regardless of her roles, comments about her looks were inevitable. Keegan remains resilient, emphasizing her commitment to her craft.

Fame, Relationships, and Changing Narratives

Keegan discusses her marriage to Mark Wright, acknowledging the intense media scrutiny. They chose privacy, redirecting their focus on personal happiness. Reflecting on the tabloid shift, Keegan notes changing tones but acknowledges persistent online judgment, emphasizing her newfound ability to say no.

Career Aspirations and Industry Realities

Keegan admires actors like Sarah Lancashire and Suranne Jones, recognizing their impactful journeys. As she contemplates her future, she expresses a desire to continue playing gritty roles. Hollywood isn't ruled out, but Keegan lives in the present, enjoying her current state of contentment.

Living in the Moment

Keegan, content with her life and career, doesn't dwell on the future. She finds fulfillment in the present, appreciating her journey. Despite her achievements, she maintains a quiet determination, aware of the industry's unpredictability. Her focus remains on the joy of the moment.

Michelle Keegan's story reflects a journey from soap stardom to serious acting, navigating challenges and changing narratives. As she embraces her role in "Fool Me Once," Keegan embodies resilience, choosing authenticity in an industry that often demands conformity.